Monday, September 10, 2012

ucluelet vacation, part 1: the beaches

ucluelet beaches 001

Joseph and I took a (very) brief and (very) needed vacation last week to Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. We took the pooch with us and enjoyed our drive and stops along the way. We stayed just on the outskirts of Ucluelet at a "cabin" — which wasn't so much a cabin as an upscale condo with views of the forest. But that's not at all a complaint. It was the perfect luxurious place to come home to after spending all day in the outdoors. We walked through forests, we walked on sand, we got our feet wet and we ate fish and chips. The weather was insanely perfect and the rest of the world had already finished their vacations.

This here's the beaches part. (At Wickaninnish and Long Beaches)

ucluelet beaches 002

ucluelet beaches 003

ucluelet beaches 004

Joseph told me I HAD to take this photo. I think it took seven attempts.

ucluelet beaches 005

ucluelet beaches 006

ucluelet beaches 007

ucluelet beaches 008

ucluelet beaches 009

ucluelet beaches 010

ucluelet beaches 011

ucluelet beaches 012

ucluelet beaches 013

ucluelet beaches 014

ucluelet beaches 015

ucluelet beaches 016

ucluelet beaches 017

Monday, September 03, 2012

nectarine & cherry tomato guacamole and black & red bean & pepita tacos

nectarine guacamole tacos 001

nectarine guacamole tacos 002

Taking advantage of the stone fruits in every way I can while they last. Nectarine paired really nicely in a basic guacamole with colourful cherry tomatoes.

nectarine guacamole tacos 003

nectarine guacamole tacos 004

nectarine guacamole tacos 005

Made up little corn tortilla tacos with black and small red beans, a bit of kale, pepitas and spices. If you love cheese like me, throw a little sharp cheddar on there and you're good to go.

nectarine guacamole tacos 006