Wednesday, August 22, 2012

when a day off is a day off

day off 001

I enjoyed a rare day off today — one of those ones where I truly had no commitments or work obligations and I chose to just ignore the couple of nasty items on my to-do list. I went to the post office, I grabbed some delicious groceries, including local fruits, salty meats, and my liquid lunch shown above. I went to the dog park. Twice.

day off 002

Some of my lunchtime reading.

day off 004

day off 003

day off 007
I closed my eyes for a second while the clouds looked like this, and when I opened them they looked like...


day off 008

day off 005

My companion for most of the day. He had a major break through at the park — he walked into the water for the first real time. He was bouncing around up to his belly and loving it. He promptly got a bath when we came back home. 

day off 006

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elizabeth said...

This looks like a very, very nice day to me.