Thursday, August 16, 2012

raspberry oatmeal

raspberry breakfast 001

I love raspberries. I miss so much being able to pick them (buckets of them) from my mom's backyard all summer long. (Of course it was always nice when someone else did the picking too.... ouch!) Many August nights would be spent with all the lights off, gazing at the thunderstorms out the window, with a bowl of vanilla ice cream and raspberries, the fans on full blast, and the odd mosquito buzzing around the room, having managed to sneak her way inside.

raspberry breakfast 002

Summer is also great for getting to sit in the backyard early in the morning, waiting for the sun to poke around the neighbours' cedar tree. Oatmeal with toasted almonds and sunflower seeds, maple syrup, and cinnamon is our drug of choice most mornings and raspberries were a welcome addition.

raspberry breakfast 003

I was so nostalgic for these beauties and so craving their familiar tart flavour that I couldn't resist buying a $5 (!) pint of them at the farmers market a couple weeks ago. We mostly just ate them, mushy as they were with our red-stained fingers. And it was worth it.

raspberry breakfast 004

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Genevieve Savard said...

those raspberries are huge. yummmm