Wednesday, July 04, 2012

added a puppy to the mix

shepherd husky shar pei puppy 8 weeks 001

Joseph and I decided recently to adopt a puppy. This little rescue mutt arrived from northern BC for us today and needless to say we are smitten.

He's something of a German shepherd, husky, shar-pei and who knows what else, mix. So far he's gone to the back alley and on a short 15 minute walk through the neighbourhood. And slept. He's 2 months old. I expect to talk about him a lot in the near future. Sorry.

shepherd husky shar pei puppy 8 weeks 002

So far the cats are doing really well. Ruby seems to have no issues with dogs and has been around all of us all day. Mingus however is staying hidden in the bedroom for now (but we think he'll come around).

shepherd husky shar pei puppy 8 weeks 003

shepherd husky shar pei puppy 8 weeks 004

shepherd husky shar pei puppy 8 weeks 005


elizabeth said...

His little face is hilarious and cute. Yay! You've always wanted a dog!

Mary Hudson said...

Haha he will probably grow into his wrinkles a little bit.

Genevieve Savard said...

congratulations! i really want a dog too but with 2 cats in a apartment i worried that i was crazy. does he have a name yet? your'e so lucky.

Mary Hudson said...

Yeah we're crazy too, but we just took the leap. Whole worlds of adorable.

I think we finally settled on Turkish

Lisa said...

He's adorable, how great that he's going to live with you :)

Helena Beslic said...

Mary he is sooooo cute!!!! Sooo happy!!