Sunday, July 15, 2012

dog days of summer

capilano canyon 001

Joseph and I booked this past weekend off and rented a car so that we could take the new puppy out on a couple field trips. On Friday we went into North Vancouver up to the Capilano Canyon area and the Cleveland Dam. The young puppy, who is still so stubborn when walking on a leash, took to the forest paths like a fish to water. We had some of the best walks yet with him trotting along and giving us a run for our money when hiking up the stairs at the end of the trail. He of course slept the whole way home and several hours more after that.

shar pei husky 001

shar pei husky 002

capilano canyon 002

shar pei husky 003

shar pei husky 004

spanish banks beach vancouver 001
On Saturday Joseph really wanted to take the dog to a beach, hoping that he would take like a fish to water in that regard too......but he did not. I think the waves scared him. But we parked up on the other side of Pacific Spirit Regional Park and hiked down through the trails which he loved. Spanish Banks beach has a nice dog-friendly section where we were able to meet a few pups. Turkish looked on in wonder as the other dogs swam out 40 feet with the tide fighting them.

spanish banks beach vancouver 002
The little wrinkle monster did however love the beach. Finally something that would actually create holes when he digs! (not like that pesky concrete in the city)

spanish banks beach vancouver 003

spanish banks beach vancouver 004
This was the best Joseph could get him to do. We'll try again when he's older — maybe somewhere without waves. And besides, it's not like we ever get in the water.

spanish banks beach vancouver 005

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

july blooms

garden 001

Oh July. sigh.

It really is the most satisfying month in many ways, don't you think? It's so nice to go out first thing in the morning to check on the garden and give it some water before the heat and sun comes around. These photos were mostly from a week ago too and things change so quickly this time of year. Wait until I show you my sweet peas!!

garden 002

garden 003

garden 004

garden 005

garden 006

garden 007

garden 008

garden 009

garden 010

garden 011

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

added a puppy to the mix

shepherd husky shar pei puppy 8 weeks 001

Joseph and I decided recently to adopt a puppy. This little rescue mutt arrived from northern BC for us today and needless to say we are smitten.

He's something of a German shepherd, husky, shar-pei and who knows what else, mix. So far he's gone to the back alley and on a short 15 minute walk through the neighbourhood. And slept. He's 2 months old. I expect to talk about him a lot in the near future. Sorry.

shepherd husky shar pei puppy 8 weeks 002

So far the cats are doing really well. Ruby seems to have no issues with dogs and has been around all of us all day. Mingus however is staying hidden in the bedroom for now (but we think he'll come around).

shepherd husky shar pei puppy 8 weeks 003

shepherd husky shar pei puppy 8 weeks 004

shepherd husky shar pei puppy 8 weeks 005