Thursday, June 28, 2012

a few little things lately

bits lately 001

bits lately 002

Strawberries fresh in my backyard. These babies could really use a bit more sunshine. (hint hint vancouver)

bits lately 003

We got our buddy Mingus a new kitty toy. It really tuckers him out.

bits lately 004

Farmers market eggs. These are so huge. They're in a reused egg carton, but they are so big that I can't even close it properly. Gorgeous marigold yolks.

bits lately 005

The book I just finished (left) and the book I'm just starting (right). It's a funny transition.

bits lately 006

A couple houseplants got some new homes. The aloe had previously been in the white pot on the left, along with several babies and space was becoming limited. Also —I have quite a few aloe babies if anyone wants one.

bits lately 007
And one more shot of this guy, for good measure.

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