Friday, April 27, 2012

spring seedlings in the garden

spring garden 001

A garden update for those who were asking.
(little Rouge D'Hiver romaine lettuce babies — heirloom variety. I also have just a simple frilly green looseleaf variety. I'm lucky to sometimes get interesting mustards and other greens from Joseph's aunt, so I kept our supply fairly basic to complement those.)

spring garden 002
Sweet peas of three varieties (mammoth blend, Italian heritage Matucana, and an old spice blend of heirloom varieties), and two rows of heirloom French Breakfast radishes.

spring garden 003
Sweet peas!

spring garden 004
My chives all lush and green and ready to sprout little flowers!

spring garden 005

spring garden 006
In one pot with the sweet peas I have radishes, which I think might be these ones (I can't remember which is which) and in the other pot I have two rows of arugula.

spring garden 007
My clematis waking up, which is a purple-raspberry variety called Warsaw Nike. 

spring garden 008
My parsley and bay leaf that survived the winter and my neglect.

spring garden 009
Some everbearing strawberries I just picked up the other day that I still need to plant.

spring garden 010

spring garden 011
A buttery creamy marigold called French Vanilla. I couldn't resist. I think I'm really starting to warm up to marigolds, they're beneficial in the garden after all. 

spring garden 012
And my hostas.

How are your gardens growing? Full of lilacs? or strawberries? or just starting to sprout? Maybe you haven't planted anything yet, but not to worry there is still lots of time — just get out there!
spring garden 013



So beautiful Mary, some more seeds coming your way...

elizabeth said...

Everything looks so lush and lovely. I haven't even thought about my garden yet.

Lotte Janssens said...

very pretty, love to see all this green

lotte said...

the last post came from me, enjoy your garden !