Friday, April 06, 2012

easter social

april easter 001
Hello hello! Happy Easter to you! Joseph and I spent the holiday Friday (a normal day off for us) visiting friends and family. After hitting up the local garden centre with a friend and making a fairly lousy attempt at helping her plan her balcony garden (yes! more flowers!), Joseph and I headed to his aunt's house for an afternoon visit.

april easter 002

Aunt C lives in the most beautiful real house I have ever seen. It is right up my alley as far as design, functionality and sustainability go. Minimalist, almost Scandinavian in its elements, it is sparsely arranged with very keenly chosen, well built pieces of furniture and some treasured pieces of art.

For such a cool-toned house there is a warmth one finds in good company and good coffee. We ended up staying for hours drinking coffee and sampling chocolates from around the world while we chatted about the bamboo she'll be putting into planters on the roof and adding sprouted grains to our diets.

I left after 3 hours feeling light as air. Despite the coffee and chocolate I felt a complete, full-body calm: free of all worries or commitments. I could use more afternoons like this one.

april easter 003
This piece was by an acquaintance of C's husband. Drops of water slowly washed the dye off the egg, a very fitting piece for this time of year, but one I've admired year-round at their house.

april easter 004

april easter 005
{these blossoms I should add are from a different house, a retired teacher that lives in the neighbourhood I work in. I got to know her through an old co-worker and can always turn to her when I need to know the current side-street gossip. She also keeps a lovely house that shares very little with Aunt C's, other than the finely picked pieces of furniture.}

april easter 006

This is one of my favourite pieces at C's house. A fully functional platter turned solitary art piece when not serving some other purpose.

And finally, meet Fanny and Zooey. Franny is the little one, obviously. She was testing Zooey's patience, giving him little nips on the back. And yes, she really is that small and yes he really is that big.
april easter 007
I hope if you get time off during this holiday, whether you celebrate or not, that you are able to find a little calm and enjoy the spring flowers.

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*e* said...

Lovely! Those kitties are so purrdy. You know where else you can find long, body-calming afternoons with the power to relieve you from worldly stresses? ;)