Saturday, March 17, 2012

a real, true, honest carrot cake

 carrot coconut cake 001
While chatting with my sister last week the issue of this blog, or more specifically the lack of posting by me on this blog came up. I tried to explain and justify my aversion to posting right now with excuses about inspiration, time, and resources. But the truth is I am just tired of reading the same old crap, so I didn't want to put the same old crap out there. 

Lately I've noticed a lot of blogs are spewing out non-stop positive thinking, sunny skies, perfect situation bullshit and I was no different. So I stopped posting. My monthly posts went from 23 one year ago to less and less until I hit a record low of 1 post last December. I am a posititve thinker and it takes a lot to get me down, but the fact is that sometimes my life is really really boring, or sad, or pathetic, or whatever, and I don't need to pretend otherwise.

So, back to the point: I made a carrot cake this week, totally worthy of being shared and admired. I made it as a belated treat for my bf's birthday and it was beautiful and delicious. But here is what you don't always see:

carrot coconut cake 002
This is my kitchen while baking. On the left and in the sink are the dishes I was too lazy to clean and put away before deciding to bake a cake, which I did in that tiny little spot in front of the knives there.

carrot coconut cake 003

carrot coconut cake 004
And here is my very lumpy frosting that I am mixing with a fork while drinking a freshly brewed cup of coffee at 5:30pm. And hidden behind the can of coconut milk is a bottle of bourbon which I had a swig of once I was all done.

And here is what you are meant to see:

carrot coconut cake 005

And here is what you aren't meant to see:
carrot coconut cake 006

Carrot cake, when done right is this amazing balance between super satisfying and decadent treat and hearty, nutty, and lasting breakfast.

You should follow this recipe for carrot cake here, but add up to a 1/4 cup of molasses and a little freshly grated ginger.

For frosting you should mix two parts cream cheese (room temperature) to one part confectioners' sugar, to one part coconut cream (aka let your can of coconut milk separate and scoop the good stuff off the top). Top with lots of big flakes of coconut.

carrot coconut cake 007

carrot coconut cake 008

I guess sometimes you don't need to pretend everything is perfect, because it just is anyway. I won't turn the carrot cake itself into a metaphor (although I could!) but truly I will make an honest to god effort to use this medium the way it was intended and that's to record and share the important, or occasionally mundane events in my life. And I sincerely do hope you'll enjoy reading it, but I'm not making any guarantees. 

carrot coconut cake 009


elizabeth said...

Best blog post ever!!! Ha ha, you totally made me laugh so hard. No more bullshit! Everyone's life actually sucks, mine is messy and pathetic!

Dad said...

I sure wish I was in Vancouver - I could use a piece of that oh so delicious looking cake!

Matryoshka said...

I always had a sneaking suspicion there was an EXPLOSION behind those gorgeous photos of yours, Mary. Glad I'm not alone in the kitchen destroyer department.

Mary Hudson said...

Haha thanks everyone. That cake was delicious. Onwards and upwards!

Darlene said...

I love your blogs! keep em coming! this one was particularly delicious; i too destroy kitchens along the way to getting anything on the table!

Graham said...


splendorbug said...

Ahh - you are one of my favourite blog writers and I was sad to see your entries slowing down ... but what a come back! LOVED this post!! Way to be real! Nobody ever shows behind the scenes!

Mary Hudson said...

Wow! Thanks everyone!

Rosalind said...

duuuuuuude. i really, really miss you, you brillant thing.

Victoire said...

I will take blogposts like this ANY DAY!