Thursday, March 08, 2012

candy and streamers window display

march colourful candy window display 001

Hello! I wanted to share some photos of February's window display with you because it was just so cheerful and fun.Most of our windows follow the same formula of toys looking cute and having fun with a few crafty elements thrown in created by me, with the help of my coworkers to capture your eye. We always have lots of tiny finger prints on our window from kids getting their parents to hold them up and have a closer look. I love catching people's reactions when they walk by — it's rare that we don't put a smile on a passing face.

For this window we used two ideas from the talented, crafty lady Jordan Ferney, who runs the blog Oh Happy Day! And it's true that everything she does seems to bring a little happy to the day.

march colourful candy window display 002

First up was her idea for fringey streamers. Cutting fringe into streamers to make them that much more exciting? Genius!

The second craft we employed were her giant colourful candy lights, which are a little hard to see in these daytime photos, but they added such a gem-like night time effect.

march colourful candy window display 003

march colourful candy window display 004

We have our Easter window up now, which I'll share with you soon, but visit the Dilly Dally Kids website if you want a sneak peek.

march colourful candy window display 005


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