Friday, March 23, 2012

the big unwind

salty taffy pistachio ice cream

Spring came today, three days late, but just in time. The sun shone all day. It was hot on my back and I had to take off my sweater while I weeded the front garden patch. It wasn't just the shot of 'real' vitamin D — I got plenty of that walking around the other day — something was different today. Perhaps it was me? I was excited and calm all at once. I couldn't wait to get out into the sun and the garden, but I was happy to stay in bed a few extra minutes to give the cats some cuddle time. (cat people, hey?)

Today I ate guacamole. I put lemons in my water. I sunbathed on the bed in the afternoon with the kitties. I listened to gospel over and over. I planted more sweet peas, and poppies and checked on my arugula and radishes (nothing yet, but it's only been a week!). I sneaked spoonfuls of the above ice cream every chance I got. (tiramisu, pistachio, salty toffee)

aloe vera baby

Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous too. I hope to wake up early and plant my lettuces before I head to work. I can't wait for fresh salad greens! Just a few herbs, tomatoes, and strawberries to add and I get to sit back and drink spiked lemonade every night and look on proudly at the greenery I have nurtured and the food I am providing with my own hands and very dirty finger nails. Or everything will get hit by aphids like usual — what a fun summer guessing game it will be! (now taking bets).

white siamese blue eyes cat
This is the face that he makes at me 90% of the time. Little asshole. 

grey tabby sunbathe cat 1

I hope you had a great Friday — the cats and I did. 

grey green jade plant 1

grey green jade plant 2

grey tabby sunbathe cat 2

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