Friday, February 03, 2012

moving day!

vancouver winter sunset 001

It's the last time I'll say goodnight to this (this was last night, honest)

vancouver winter sunset 002

vancouver winter sunset 003

vancouver winter sunrise 002

And the last time I'll say good morning to this

vancouver winter sunrise 001

We are trading in our luxurious condo with a view (err... not that we had a choice) for a character suite with a garden. It's a fair trade. That's honest to God fog by the way. If you're from the prairies, like me, this happens on nice cold humid mornings like today. The sun comes up to a clear body of water, but slowly the fog starts to creep in. It's about twice as high as I'm typing as it was while I took the photos. In a few minutes it will fade away, revealing a beautiful sunny day and clear icy cold waters.  Have you ever woken to fog horns? Repeatedly? It's not as bad as you'd think... when they are 1 kilometre away, in fact I rather like them. 

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elizabeth said...

Ooh, I just realized that I'm going to miss your view. I wish I actually earned an income so I could come visit you more often. xo.