Friday, February 24, 2012

around the house

around the house 001

Now that I finally have some of my favourite things on display on my walls and shelves, I thought I would share a few of them with you here. 

around the house 002

around the house 003

It was the realization the other day that of the few books I was forced to stack sideways (it's like an Easter egg hunt finding all the spots books are hiding in the house), Sideways was one of them, that prompted me to take a couple photos around the house.

around the house 004

around the house 005

It also proved tricky finding spots for all of the plants. Too many plants, not enough windows.

around the house 006

Thursday, February 16, 2012

it's almost over

snowy mountaintops 002
Winter. It's almost done.

nelson the seagull coffee
Nelson the Seagull. Zucchini cupcake, cream cheese frosting. Cappuccino. Company.

crows on the wire
Crows (not seagulls, obvs.) sitting on a wire. Kings of Vancouver.

snowy mountaintops 001
I might not see them from my window, but the mountains are still there.

Monday, February 13, 2012

the cats would like to welcome you...

sun spots cats 001

...To their new magical sunny oasis. On sunny days that is.

Joseph, the cats, and I all moved to a new suite a little over a week ago and we are still working on getting settled. We were forced to take a trip to Ikea (which lasted an excruciating 3.5 hours on a Friday night) when we realized we simply had too much stuff and not enough places to put it. Tragic. I hate getting new things and I especially hate getting new things from Ikea — but when we can afford to replace it with better furniture, we will. 

The cats are adjusting nicely. Our soul mate, Ruby (the grey one) was at ease right from the start, although a little clingy, she always seems to feel that if she is with us then everything else will be okay. Mingus on the other hand (the white one) hid under the couch the entire move and then hid under the bed for another two days. His entire kitten life was thrown upside-down. He's doing much better now and Ruby has been playing with him and bathing him. What a nice gal.

sun spots cats 002
 Do you like their new collars? Joseph thought the skull and crossbones collar would toughen Mingus up a little.

sun spots cats 003

Our bedroom is already arranged differently and the suitcases that the cats were lounging on here are finally put away. It will likely be months before we get some of our furniture back from Edmonton (we have been using our very charming patio set to eat dinner!) so I may only share little photos here and there of the new place until then.

Friday, February 03, 2012

moving day!

vancouver winter sunset 001

It's the last time I'll say goodnight to this (this was last night, honest)

vancouver winter sunset 002

vancouver winter sunset 003

vancouver winter sunrise 002

And the last time I'll say good morning to this

vancouver winter sunrise 001

We are trading in our luxurious condo with a view (err... not that we had a choice) for a character suite with a garden. It's a fair trade. That's honest to God fog by the way. If you're from the prairies, like me, this happens on nice cold humid mornings like today. The sun comes up to a clear body of water, but slowly the fog starts to creep in. It's about twice as high as I'm typing as it was while I took the photos. In a few minutes it will fade away, revealing a beautiful sunny day and clear icy cold waters.  Have you ever woken to fog horns? Repeatedly? It's not as bad as you'd think... when they are 1 kilometre away, in fact I rather like them.