Wednesday, January 18, 2012

nice day for a green dinner

january vancouver snow

I know all of Canada seems to be in a deep freeze right now and I just wanted you to know that Vancouver wasn't left out. I mean it's only cold for Vancouver standards, and it's only a Vancouver amount of snow, but still the city is feeling the chill.

january vancouver snow 2
 Look! The snow wasn't even melting from my balcony. Amazing!

thai green curry

I decided it was a nice day for some spicy green curry. I made the green curry paste from scratch with lime leaves, lemongrass, cilantro, Thai basil, serrano peppers, lime juice, garlic, and shallots. Yum! The curry itself had chick peas, string beans, spinach, and red peppers, served with brown rice, and I topped the whole thing with pistachios, just for a little extra green on top.

I hope you are all keeping warm, wherever you are! (Especially if you are a certain fearless lady alone in a cabin in the woods!!)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

december star chart embroidery

december star embroidery 001

This was part of the gift package my sister received for Christmas this year. Using the custom dyed fabric I mapped out a fairly accurate star chart for the month of December (minus a few stars of course). You can see the North star as the great big one, and Ursa Minor attached to it, a.k.a. her clothing label. (p.s. be sure to check out her brand new website!!)

I've seen this idea floating around from a few clever people and I thought it was a challenge I would like to make by myself (small star stitches? I can handle that). I liked the final result so much, I think I'll make a few for my own walls.

december star embroidery 002

december star embroidery 003

december star embroidery 004

december star embroidery 005

Monday, January 02, 2012

dyeing fabric with red cabbage

cabbage fabric dye 008

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic December and Christmas season! I feel almost as busy today as I did a couple weeks ago, but luckily I had a nice visit back home for Christmas and a restful New Year's in Vancouver.

One project that I was busy working on in December was trying my hand at using red cabbage to create a natural dye for fabric. I had read that red cabbage makes an excellent deep blue dye and I wanted to try it with some canvas I had bought. My goal was to create a nice stormy blue colour, to mimic the sky, however my original cabbage dye was more of a mauve sunset than a cloudy night.

cabbage fabric dye 001

cabbage fabric dye 002

I sliced up one medium sized red cabbage and allowed it to simmer with a few litres of very salty water. After about 45 minutes I separated the cabbage from the dye and added my fabric. I let the fabric sit in the dye overnight.

cabbage fabric dye 003

This was the colour of the fabric after removing it from the dye — not exactly what I was aiming for. 

cabbage fabric dye 004

It turned a nice soft purple when it was dry, which was very beautiful, but in no way served the purpose I needed it to.

cabbage fabric dye 005

So finally I resorted to good old fashioned navy blue fabric dye, straight from the box. I mixed the dye according to instructions and then folded my fabric into quarters, laying it out on a plastic surface and then applying the dye in puddles, letting some spots get more saturated than others. My final product looked like this:

cabbage fabric dye 007

I like to think having the purple underneath added to the overall depth (right?) I'll show you what this stormy fabric turned into very soon!

cabbage fabric dye 006