Thursday, November 17, 2011

a rainy day at home

rainy day off 001

It snowed in Vancouver tonight if you can believe it. I stared out the window with my cat Mingus in awe for several minutes. It didn't last long, the flakes had barely begun to form a thin layer on the roof tops before the magic ended. As the silence wore off and the gentle crystals started descending much quicker I promptly turned from the window and planted my behind firmly in the bathtub.  

rainy day off 002

rainy day off 003

rainy day off 004

rainy day off 005

rainy day off 006

rainy day off 007

rainy day off 008


Hermine - Journal de jours said...

Love love this post. Looks like you have a kitchenaid (that's on my wishlist for a long long time)

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks Hermine! My roommate owns the kitchenaid mixer and it sure is nice to have around. Some day maybe I can afford my own!