Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lighting the advent wreath

modern advent wreath 004

I finally finished my advent wreath today, a little late, but who's going to tell? For those who are unfamiliar, an advent wreath marks the weeks leading up to Christmas. It's a Christian tradition, meaning different things to different denominations, but for me, growing up in the United Church of Canada it was four very clear messages that I think everyone could empathize with: hope, peace, joy, and love. Each candle (traditionally three purple and one pink) was lit, one each week, until finally on Christmas Eve all four would be lit as well as a white candle that would sit in the middle representing Christ. 

Parts of this tradition still speak to me and I wanted to update it in a way that fits with my current lifestyle. I made a wreath to sit on my coffee table out of curly willow and seeded eucalyptus and adorned it with four locally made beeswax candles. I think most of us can agree that Christmas has lost a certain something in recent years and sitting down to light a candle and reflect on important values was something I could get behind.

modern advent wreath 001

Using super fresh and bendy curly willow I created a frame with wire ties.

modern advent wreath 002

I then threaded small stems of seeded eucalyptus throughout until it looked balanced.

modern advent wreath 003

The candles are standing glamourously on little tin foil stands. Oh and lets be smart and not let the candles burn down too much, okay?

modern advent wreath 005


jokemijn said...

it looks great :) we used to have one at home too, but the tradition kindof faded away...

Pinecone Camp said...

Well, I learn something everyday. Love this wreath, Mary. It looks so pretty!