Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the beginnings of an advent wreath

eucalyptus advent wreath 001

I started a little wreath making today. I have seen so many gorgeous and cute do-it-yourself advent calendars this year but god knows I'm not going to come up with 25 clever little trinkets for my loved one, so I thought I would take a different path. Growing up in the United church of Canada we always had an advent wreath as part of our Christmas decorations. To be honest we very rarely lit the candles at home, but it was part of the very sacred tradition of Christmas decor which could simply not be messed with.

I thought I would update the style a bit and got started today by shaping some seeded eucalyptus. I'll show you the finished product just as soon as my florist gets in some curly willow!

eucalyptus advent wreath 002

eucalyptus advent wreath 003


elizabeth said...

The advent of an advent wreath???

Mary Hudson said...

Hardy har har