Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wild orchid

wild orchid 001

This my friends is a wild orchid. Well okay, it's not wild in the traditional sense, it is in fact another hand-me-down from a flower shop, but it's wild right now because I have decided to let it grow unharnessed. All of my past orchids I have followed the traditional way of staking them as they go, leading their stem up in a nice straight line and into a gentle curve. Not this time! This orchid is wild and can't be controlled!!

wild orchid 002

Well truly though, I really like the way the orchid has figured out its own path and found a way to balance. The stem is extra strong too, it's really rather impressive what the orchids can do if left to fend for themselves. Plus look at its natural curve — isn't it pretty?

wild orchid 003

wild orchid 004


Jacqueline said...

I demand! DEMAND!! you tell me your Orchid secret!!!

One of the prettiest things I've seen all week!!

Bellefleurdelis said...

it's very lovely ! Wish you good luck with this orchid !

Mary Hudson said...

Oh thank you both! Big compliments coming from you two ladies!