Monday, October 03, 2011

autumn pumpkin soup

pumpkin yam soup 001

Okay, it's official, I'm involved in a full-on cuddly, squishy embrace with autumn.I made my first pumpkin soup of the season and it was delicious. Pumpkin, roasted yam, red pepper and carrot, sage, orange juice, spice, etc., etc.

This soup was the main event of my weekend — oh and going to watch the Lion King in the theatre with my cousin, which was fun. It was my first 3D theatre experience if you can imagine. Wearing 3D glasses over regular glasses is extremely irritating. Good, clean fun kind of weekend.

pumpkin 002

pumpkin yam soup 002

pumpkin yam soup 003

pumpkin 001


Hope said...

Pumpkin anything is amazing, but i could totally eat this soup right now!

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks! And I very much agree, my autumn always revolves around the pumpkin and its many possibilities (is it any wonder?!)