Wednesday, September 21, 2011

little baby currant tomatoes

currant tomatoes 001

Are these not the cutest tomatoes you have ever seen? My co-worker's wife stopped by the shop yesterday to show them off and after tasting them I had to go spend my own 93¢ on a handful. They are perfect little plump and juicy tomatoes, they just happen to be the size of pennies.

currant tomatoes 002

I'm trying to think of a really good way to incorporate them into my dinner tonight. Perhaps a soup garnish? Any ideas?

currant tomatoes 003


elizabeth said...

Make a BLT pizza - or maybe a B-arugula-T pizza.

Mary Hudson said...

Man — where were you when I needed you?! I ended up making a green minestrone and topping it with these little roasted beauties.