Friday, September 23, 2011

happy friday tidbits

mingus sunset 002

Has autumn officially started where you are? It seems Vancouver is being forced to face the facts this week: fall is here. We've had high winds and buckets and buckets of rain the last few days. I've been keeping busy this week making soups, staying in with the cats, and investing in some new 'winter' boots.

green heirloom tomatoes

I was so taken with these heirloom tomatoes that I bought all the green ones my grocer had and set out to make a green minestrone with pesto. At the Italian importer, Bosa Foods, I was so completely overwhelmed with pasta options for my soup that I had to take home three varieties.

pasta varieties

palladium boots

These are my new everyday winter boots which are so comfy and feel like they will last me for years (fingers crossed!)

How has your week been? Any great soup or stew plans I should keep on the radar?

mingus sunset 001

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