Tuesday, September 06, 2011

chocolate, zucchini, and olive oil cake

chocolate zucchini cake 001

I really don't know what to say about this cake that Tara didn't cover in her irresistible write-up over on her blog. This cake is truly something noteworthy and for so many reasons; it's no wonder why all the food blogs were obsessing about it for days after her posting. The cake is moist and rich, without being overly sweet. It is hardy enough for breakfast from the zucchini and whole wheat flour and special enough for dinner parties thanks to the olive oil and chocolate. Tara calls it a bread - I prefer to call it a healthy cake.

chocolate zucchini cake 002

The recipe makes two loaves, but I made one loaf and one 8" round, which I brought to a Sunday roast dinner party this week and was a huge hit. Dusted with powdered sugar and cut into wedges, this cake felt like the perfect compliment to any summer meal. The loaf we ate at home for breakfast and second breakfasts. As you can expect from me I reduced the chocolate called for in the recipe just ever so slightly from 8oz to 6oz and also used mostly whole wheat pastry flour and spelt flour, with a small addition of unbleached all-purpose flour.

chocolate zucchini cake 003
We are knee-deep into zucchini season so please, go forth and make this cake! You will not regret it. Head over to Seven Spoons for the full recipe.


tara said...

how gorgeous! i love the idea of making it as a round. so happy to hear that you enjoyed it. cheers!

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks Tara! It was delicious!