Monday, September 26, 2011

chai clouds

chai focaccia

When Joseph and I first moved to Vancouver I used to explore the town on my days off of work. One or two days a week I would take the bus out or walk to a place of the city I had never been to before. There is still so many corners of Vancouver I haven't seen, but I don't investigate as much anymore. Days off are spent running errands, cleaning up, or best case scenario visiting familiar spots and soaking up some sun. The latter is how I spent my day off on Friday. I ventured down to Granville Island to pick up some photo prints and browse through the shops. The sun poked out from the layers of cloud and I was left steaming on a damp bench with my chai in hand looking out at the boats.

There should be more days like that.
(By the way, Granville Island Tea Co. makes a very delicious cup of chai.)

granville island marina


elizabeth said...

I want to spend this day with you everyday.

Mary Hudson said...

Wouldn't that be nice?!

elizabeth said...

Yes, move your city next to my city please.