Friday, August 12, 2011

whole wheat and oat flour pancakes

So, have you picked up the Super Natural Everyday cookbook yet? It is all anyone (on the food blogs) is talking about these days, and with good reason. I purchased the book several weeks ago and finally got around to making a recipe out of it: pancakes!

In the recipe I used a mix of whole wheat pastry flour and freshly ground oats, so the cakes were nice and filling until lunch time. The batter lasts in the fridge for a few days, so the first day we opted for fresh blueberry and ate banana, hazelnut and cinnamon cakes the next two mornings.

It's so nice taking the time to make a real breakfast (served alongside fresh fruit smoothies, of course).

101 cookbooks pancakes 002

101 cookbooks pancakes 003
101 cookbooks pancakes 004

101 cookbooks pancakes 005
banana, hazelnut & cinnamon
101 cookbooks pancakes 006


Shirley Marleny said...

These pancakes look so yummy!

Brooke said...

these look delicious!

Mary Hudson said...

Thank you both! They were a very delicious start to my mornings.

elizabeth said...

We need to get this cookbook for R for Christmas, and by "we" I mostly mean me.