Monday, August 08, 2011

the sights of vancouver, one house guest at a time

olympic village vancouver 001

I've been operating a B&B in my spare time this summer (ha!) and had my step-sister and her boyfriend for a quick visit last week. They kept themselves busy for two days while I was at work and on Friday I toured around the city with them in the afternoon. We started at the Main Street train station and wandered down by Olympic Village. I quite like that no one lives there yet because it means these steps down to the water are always rather deserted.

olympic village vancouver 002

olympic village vancouver 003

olympic village vancouver 004

I like this spot because it reminds me of a nice sitting spot in Genova where I watched the sun go down a couple days in a row. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that before... Have you been to Genova? They have a very beautiful port.

queen elizabeth park vancouver 001

After that we walked up Main Street to Chinatown and took in the tranquility of Dr. Sun Yat Sen classical Chinese garden. For lunch and a beer we stopped into Gastown and its contrasting hustle and bustle.

queen elizabeth park vancouver 002

queen elizabeth park vancouver 003

Feeling re-energized, we took the train to Queen Elizabeth Park where we were able to visit the Bloedel Conservatory before they closed for the evening and stuck our feet in the fountain (well I didn't) for the last rays of sunlight.

queen elizabeth park vancouver 004

queen elizabeth park vancouver 005

queen elizabeth park vancouver 006

queen elizabeth park vancouver 007

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