Friday, August 19, 2011

purple scabiosa: a very special gift indeed

purple scabiosa flowers 001

I was so happy to receive a special gift from a dear florist friend last week when I had her over for a couple gin cocktails (gin, sparkling water, ginger simple syrup, cucumber, lime, ice). The sweet lady friend works at a beautiful flower shop in Vancouver's downtown and brought me a stunning bouquet of one of my favourite flowers (and one of her least favourite, coincidentally): scabiosa. (Thanks C!)

purple scabiosa flowers 002

Scabiosa was the main flower I used when I did my sister's wedding flowers a few years ago — the sweet peas just weren't ready in time, but scabiosa made a noble replacement.

purple scabiosa flowers 003

purple scabiosa flowers 004

It's true the blooms don't last very long, but when they are nice, they are really nice. Plus the flower pods (below) aren't too bad either.

purple scabiosa flowers 005

purple scabiosa flowers 006

purple scabiosa flowers 007

purple scabiosa flowers 008



Miss you ladies!!!! Beautiful fleurs C.

Mary Hudson said...

Miss you too Helena!

Jacqueline said...

Oh oh oh oh!! Nice post! Thanks! I'm glad you like them because as you mentioned they are certainly not my fav. I'm happy someone loves them!!


Lotte Janssens said...

so lovely