Thursday, August 11, 2011

planning my path with a new vintage globe

vintage globe 001

What have I been doing in my spare time lately? Mostly just trying to figure out my next step: the next few years of my life. I have ideas, lots of them, I just need to figure them all out. Decisions arriving shortly! (I hope)

Yesterday, while out on a walk, scouting upcoming posts for Mainland, I couldn't resist picking up this pre-WWII globe from a vintage (junk) shop on Main street. I've always wanted a globe and here this one was, calling my name and just the right price. My sister reminded me on Skype last night the old 'spin the globe, put your finger down and that's where you would live' game with our grandparents globe at their old farm house. Amazing how that would keep us going for a good 15 minutes.

If location was an issue I'd give it a whirl right now! Alas I guess grown-up decisions require more than a spin and a whim.

vintage globe 002

vintage globe 003

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