Sunday, August 14, 2011

on the x-files and vancouver's bloedel conservatory

bloedel conservatory vancouver 001

Hello! The following paragraphs have nothing to do with these photos.

When my sister came to visit a couple weeks ago she turned me onto the idea of re-watching the X-files from the beginning. I used to be so scared watching this show (oh god, this post is going to reveal my age) and I would only watch it during sleep-overs at my best friend's house in elementary school. I don't think my mom would have let me watch it at home and I would have been too frightened on my own anyway.

I like watching it now, (it turns out that it isn't very scary) knowing that it was filmed in Vancouver, I can try to guess their specific location in every episode. I wish it was 15 years ago so I could run around town stalking a young David Duchovny.

bloedel conservatory vancouver 002

bloedel conservatory vancouver 003

bloedel conservatory vancouver 004

bloedel conservatory vancouver 005

bloedel conservatory vancouver 006


elizabeth said...

Dude, it's such a good show. And Mulder is just AWESOME!

Bryan Kulba said...

We still watch X-Files whenever we can. So much Vancouver in the first 5 or so seasons!

Mary Hudson said...

Oh man, it's so hilarious. I love in the first season when they go to "Steveston Massachusetts" aka Steveston, Richmond.

Pinecone Camp said...

I used to love that show. I did hear that Mr. Duchovny was a bit of a "ladies man" while living here. ;)
Love your pics of the conservatory. Such a great spot.

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks Janis! And I'm not at all surprised to hear that about David Duchovny.