Friday, July 22, 2011

upside down rhubarb crumb cake

rhubarb crumb upsidedown cake 001

I had my sister over for a short visit these last few days. She has been here for many visits before and this time we had awful (for July) weather the entire time she was here, so we mostly stuck close to the apartment. It was actually a lot of fun just having time off to do nothing but watch movies, make friendship bracelets and cook. On Wednesday after having some family over for lunch, we made this cake and watched movies on my laptop.

rhubarb crumb upsidedown cake 002

My mother is also in town and had brought some rhubarb with her from Edmonton which we used in this makeshift cake. Both my sister and I were throwing ingredients in as we mixed, using every last bit of flour in my house, but somehow it all came together.

I think I basically followed the cake recipe (just the 'cake' part) from a Smitten Kitchen recipe. For the rhubarb we threw it into a pan where we had started to caramelize some sugar. If we were to do it again, we would only have cooked the rhubarb for a minute, before it started to lose its shape so much. Into the cake pan went the rhubarb first, then the cake batter, then some crumbs we had made with flour, sugar, melted butter and fresh grated ginger. Delicious served with vanilla cream and blueberries!

rhubarb crumb upsidedown cake 003

rhubarb crumb upsidedown cake 004


Lotte Janssens said...

this cake looks so good, the last picture of your cat looks so nice, it just tells everything about the cake : )

Mary Hudson said...

Haha, thanks Lotte. This cat will lick anything, but I can assure you it was very good!

Pinecone Camp said...

Your upside down cake looks soooo good! Rhubarb looks perfect.

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks - haha it definitely didn't turn out as planned, since we didn't really have a plan! (p.s. love your upside down cake on the blog right now too!)