Monday, June 27, 2011

tomato, basil crostini and strawberry salad

farmers market salad bruschetta 001

It has begun. Summer is barely here, but the temptations at the farmer's market are just too much for me, all I want to eat is salad, salad, salad (oh and maybe a little bread and cheese).

farmers market salad bruschetta 005

farmers market salad bruschetta 004

Crostini with delicious, teeny cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, tossed with olive oil, balsamic vinaigrette, and pine nuts, served with a shaving of parmesean.

farmers market salad bruschetta 002

British Columbia strawberries have arrived! I've been eating these slowly all week, one serving with the morning yogurt and one with the evening salad. I'll be buying more at the next farmers market — lots more. (Did I mention that the baguette, tomatoes, radishes, and arugula are all from the farmers market too?)

farmers market salad bruschetta 003


Pinecone Camp said...

I think you outdid yourself! Well done! Your salad looks delicious.

elizabeth said...

This looks so so yummy. I need someone to feed and bathe and put me to bed with a mug of sweet tea and a good story. I hope you're cooking when I'm in town.

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks Janis! (It was the easiest dinner ever!)

Elizabeth! I'm so excited! I will definitely be cooking while you're here, with plenty of restaurants and hot dogs in between!

jokemijn said...

hm it's al looking so delicous!

Mary Hudson said...

Thank you!