Tuesday, May 17, 2011

things that make me happy today

plant book record chocolate 001

Just a few things that are keeping me calm and happy during the busy spring.

plant book record chocolate 002

A new amazing book that I am really excited to work my way through (just started). It delves into the complicated history of plants and our relationship with them. I'm very excited.

plant book record chocolate 003

plant book record chocolate 004

plant book record chocolate 005
A 7-inch to remind me of someone who is away.
plant book record chocolate 006

plant book record chocolate 007

Honey nougat chocolate — I don't even like milk chocolate, but this is delicious.

Sometimes you just need to savour the little things.


elizabeth said...

My plan exactly for the coming week. And baths, lots and lots of steamy bubble baths.

Rosalind said...

i want that book.

Mary Hudson said...

It's so interesting. I plan on reading it on my lunch hour in the sun today.

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

looks very nice ! The book looks wonderful, you are so lucky. I am loning for a piece of chocolate for some days now, but I still did not found any choclade without lactose.

Mary Hudson said...

Oh Lotte! That would be a tragic hunt to find lactose-free chocolate, I'm sure. Good luck! (Sometimes we all just need a little chocolate!)