Monday, May 30, 2011

sandwich break: chicken and brie

chicken brie chutney sandwich 001

It's Monday. I'm sorry if you are reading this at work, while eating your cold, dry, bagged lunch. Next time might I suggest preparing this ahead? Toast you bread at home and make sure to pack the veggies separate, then assemble for lunch. Bonus if you can heat it up a little.

chicken brie chutney sandwich 002
{Multigrain sourdough, roast chicken, brie, cilantro, fig chutney, cucumber, tomato, baby greens}

If you aren't in love with sandwiches, perhaps you simply aren't doing it right? Just saying.

chicken brie chutney sandwich 003


elizabeth said...

I'm basically going to make this exact sammie for lunch.

Mary Hudson said...

Yum! I wish I always had roast chicken around...