Friday, May 06, 2011

nature indoors: sunbathing

mingus white siamese cat air plant 001

There is nothing quite like just enjoying the quiet afternoon calm. Studying the art of the sunbathe doesn't sound like such a terrible way to spend a life, does it?

Has the spring bug hit you yet? I don't mean the get-out-in-the-sun bug, but rather the need-to-get-things-done bug. I have been bit and now I want to start a thousand projects at once, I want to clean my apartment to a microscopic finish, I want to try every recipe in every cookbook I own. The days are longer, but they are still never long enough. The next few weeks I have the opportunity to really buckle down and focus and I am so excited to be approaching new creative goals as well as getting a balance back to my day to day life. Hopefully I can reflect all of that to you here.

aloe vera plant

mingus white siamese cat air plant 002

tillandsia air plant

grey green river stones rocks

mingus white siamese cat air plant 003


Brooke said...

the air plants are looking good. :)

Lotte Janssens said...

lovely plants

Mary Hudson said...

Thank you both - they do all the work, I just admire them!