Monday, May 23, 2011

creamy eggplant pasta with asparagus

eggplant asparagus basil pasta 001

The nice thing about cooking for one? Leftovers! Seriously every meal lasts me days for lunches and dinners. (Not to say I won't be happy to be cooking for two again very soon.)

Back to the point: asparagus is in season and is not to be wasted. For this meal I made a light cream sauce, flavoured with asiago cheese and I mixed it up with sauteed eggplant, shallots, garlic (lots), tomatoes, asparagus, peas, and basil. Top with ground pepper, more grated asiago, basil, and chopped walnuts. 20 minutes: done.

eggplant asparagus basil pasta 002

Enjoy your week! Until soon.

vancouver spring sunset 002


Brooke said...

this looks so so good! I have some very fresh asparagus right now as well.

Pinecone Camp said...

You've just helped me with dinner. I thank you! this looks so good!

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks! Glad I could help!