Friday, May 20, 2011

balcony gardening: first seedlings

balcony garden plants flowers 001

Today is going to be HOT! (At least for Vancouver spring standards). I have lots to get done before I get to play in the sun, so I better get to it (too much time spent cuddling with the cats in bed).

This year I approached my balcony garden much different than in the past couple years. I wanted to focus on herbs I use all the time, or that I could dry at the end of the season. I wanted to plant a few select flowers to give pops of dramatic colour, that are relatively easy to care for. For the flowers I chose begonias (there were so many beautiful begonias at the garden centre, I went a little begonia crazy) some pansies that were on sale, and nasturtiums and poppies that I planted from seed. I also have a couple four foot tall cypress trees, two hosta varieties, and one cascading coniferous bonsai that I will really be nurturing this year. For a bit of height, I have a ruby coloured clematis growing off of some make shift bamboo stakes.

It's been such a pleasure the last couple days to sit out in the setting sun when I get home from work and admire all the green sprouting up. Are you gardening this summer? I'd love to know what plants work for you, or maybe you are trying something for the first time this year?

balcony garden plants flowers 002

balcony garden plants flowers 003

balcony garden plants flowers 004

balcony garden plants flowers 005

balcony garden plants flowers 006

balcony garden plants flowers 007

balcony garden plants flowers 008

balcony garden plants flowers 009

balcony garden plants flowers 010


info said...

Beautiful photos. My beans and sweetpeas are just starting to come up, think I will go get some more plants today.


Lisa said...

Your plants look so good!

Lotte Janssens said...

hello Mary,
it looks all very lovely. I have a mint plant that is doing very good at the moment, I didn't sow it my self but bought it as a plant and I took cutting from it and they are getting roots so soon they are ready to be planted in soil and pot. And this year I have strawberry plants for the first time and is going well.

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks everyone!
Lotte you have such skill with your plants (and patience), it will be nice to see how your strawberries grow.

Chickadee said...

Oooh, I especially love the first photo of the foliage, it shows off that interesting leaf texture so well.

Lotte Janssens said...

my stawberries are changing color, will post about it soon !