Wednesday, April 13, 2011

planting seeds | spring growth

vancouver spring magnolia blossoms

Last week I walked down Victoria Drive with a friend (where I saw the above magnolia) headed for Figaro's Garden to check out their extensive seed selection. I especially love their shelves full of West Coast Seeds, although I am often overwhelmed by the options (how does one choose between 20 different lettuces?) It is so nice to have a garden centre within walking distance, I like going there no matter the time of year just to get inspiration and breathe in the refreshing smells of soil, wet leaves, organic fertilizers and blooming plants.

balcony gardening plants 001 seeds

Spring has been coming slowly to Vancouver, so I'm still taking my time planting, but I hope to have everything planted by the end of this week, except for some herbs, which will have to wait a little longer.

Gardening updates:
The rosemary below is going to go into a different little pot with some lavender, and in the cedar box I hope to have some colourful chard and poppies growing side by side.

balcony gardening plants 002

balcony gardening plants 003

This is a hosta I've had for two years that I had never transplanted until now, poor thing. I wish we had taken a photo of her roots for you, she had redefined the term 'root-bound' living in her 6 inch plastic greenhouse pot. She might have a slow year growing into her new home, but by next year she is going to be so much happier.

balcony gardening plants 004

My last poor babies here, my twin cypress trees (only one shown). They had spent two summers in the the tall terracotta pots just to the left and are going to thrive in their new bigger containers.


coco said...

I also have been doing lots of planting and sowing many different kinds of seeds. It is fun and enjoy seeing them grow.
I did nasturtium too and can't wait to taste them. Did you know you can eat nasturtium leave and flowers, its good.^^

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks coco, I love nasturtium for that very reason! They are a really pretty flower, but since I don't have lots of room to grow food, it's nice being able to have both a flower and something edible! said...

man, i can't seem to get the moving idea to stop dominating all of the other ideas.