Saturday, April 16, 2011

old fatihful tillansias

old faithful tillandsia air plants 001

I stopped by Old Faithful shop yesterday to pick out a few new tillandsia plants to increase my collection. Their selection at the shop right now is great, it's so nice not to just see the same old varieties. I still have to look up which varieties I brought home, but I am really happy with them; not only are they beautiful plants, but they all have super happy roots. You should go check them out while they are still there, air plants have got to be the easiest plant to look after, especially in a moist climate like mine. Okay now I have to stop looking at the plants and run to work — have a great weekend!

old faithful tillandsia air plants 002

old faithful tillandsia air plants 003

old faithful tillandsia air plants 004

old faithful tillandsia air plants 005

old faithful tillandsia air plants 006

old faithful tillandsia air plants 007


Brooke said...

These are so sweet! They remind me of growing up in Florida, where they grew in the trees. I'm just getting into cacti, myself, but these air plants are gorgeous too. I wonder if their blooms are on stems like an orchid?

Mary Hudson said...

Of the ones I have seen, the blooms sort of come up right from where all the new growth comes, not exactly on a stem. I wish I had enough sunlight in my place to house cacti - I just keep a couple aloes and jades around, but not much else survives the dark winters.

Brooke said...

I have an aloe and a jade, too, almost the only other houseplants I have. They are cheerful plants. :)

Jacqueline said...

What?!?! You were in Old Faithful Shop and you didn't come into GreenStems?! We are like a block away!

And of course these guys are beautiful!