Tuesday, March 22, 2011

west coast paella and longer days

paella seafood mussels prawns scallops 001

The time change is a true momentous occasion for bloggers, who like me work a full-time 'day' job. Being able to come home and enjoy the sunset from our balcony, go make a sunshine inspired meal and still have time to photograph it? You can't do much better than that.
Last year a fishmonger opened up in my neighbourhood (which I was so excited about) and I have finally had the chance to shop there and take advantage of not only the seafood available on my block, but also my general proximity to the ocean.

Ever since returning from Spain where my sister and I enjoyed paella from a giant cauldron at our hostel in Granada, I have been dreaming of paella. I made it once last year, but was too nervous to go to the fishmonger and also too nervous to try cooking mussels, so I used the teeny shrimps from the grocery store. Last week while dealing with a temporarily broken computer I stopped to buy prawns on my way home. I didn't want to go anywhere near the mussels without google to guide me, but figured what the hell? So after a quick tutorial from the woman working the counter I was walking home with ten dollars worth of mussels, prawns, and scallops. 

This paella was so good! I used a short grain brown rice and it was creamy and delicious. It's funny how good peasant food is sometimes. It seems every culture has some sort of stew to use up what is on hand and those are always my favorite sorts of meals. Paella is nice because it suits the summer or winter. In an effort to listen to my own advice and eat more beans and veggies, I added kidney beans, celery, and broccolini, in addition to the usual red peppers and peas. 

God I love paella. 
p.s. cooking mussels is so easy.

paella seafood mussels prawns scallops 002

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elizabeth said...

This looks so yummy!

That Spanish cauldron paella was so yummy too. But that crazy American dude sucked.

Anonymous said...

I want a fishmonger in my neighbourhood? I had one in Lille - it was awesome. Even though I went once a week, I would stand looking like a retard until the lady who worked there would come over and say 'here, take some of this fish/shellfish. It is called x. we have a good sale on this week for this. it's good. you will like it. not too expensive for a student."

Mary Hudson said...

You should want a fishmonger. Although — it would be different? A grass-fed beef-monger maybe? Oh just come visit already!


That looks too delicious!!!! you are such an inspiration!!!! x