Wednesday, March 30, 2011

missing europe: croissant lunch

european croissant brunch antipasto 001

This here is pretty much my favorite thing to eat. If I had to choose a last meal, I would choose something like this, except maybe with even more variety, and I would take my sweet time savouring every bite. Other good variations include: light rye bread with smoked salmon and hummus, smoked applewood cheddar with raspberry jam, pears with prosciutto, chevre, and honey. Delicious with strongly brewed and strongly sweetened coffee (although would also be great with Pinot Gris...)

european croissant brunch antipasto 002


Anonymous said...

That looks so fresh! I wish I had that for lunch!

Thanks for you tweet about my very useful things!

Mary Hudson said...

Thank you!
You photos are beautiful, thanks for the inspiration and for stopping by here also.

Matryoshka said...

So cute! I loved running away and a night on the town; St. Germain is so amazingly good!

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks A - I don't know why your comment showed up on this post. weird. But thank you!