Monday, March 14, 2011

life improvements through healthy eating: part 1

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I was looking back at my New Years resolutions last week and realized that I've been getting a little distracted from some of them. That being said, through recent increased interest I've been paying a lot of attention to nutrition. The last couple of years my diet has seen a complete shift (for the better) but the last few months I have been trying to reach some goals that I had been putting off for one reason or another. I still have many nutrition goals to reach, but I am proud thus far of my achievement. So many of these are such easy changes to make when you are determined and when you add them bit by bit.

The first change I have been making, and arguably also the most important, is increasing dramatically the amount of water I consume in a day. I've always enjoyed drinking water, but I wanted to reach the recommended consumption of 8-10 glasses a day. I now drink 4-6 litres of water a day and it feels so good and also so natural.

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The next goal was partially with the intention of spending less money buying coffee and warm drinks, but also because of the added health benefits. I really wanted to start drinking more tea, especially when I had received so many nice tea gifts for Christmas. I really like having a green tea after lunch to give me a little pick me up without the crash that follows with sugary drinks. It's also been nice really focusing on each cup of green tea I make and preparing it as close to the proper way as I can... the flavor really is so much better with the attention to detail.

Clockwise from top left: Kusmi Darjeeling no. 37; Kusmi Kashmir Tchai; Moroccan mint green tea from Bayswater Tea Co; baked apple green tea from Bayswater.

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The last change (until part: 2) I wanted to make was to increase my daily intake of fruits and vegetables. I lead a mostly vegetarian life style day to day, even though I am not a vegetarian. I think it was because I am not a vegetarian that I do not always pay as close of attention to getting my vegetable servings as I should. I now squeeze 1 or 2 extra servings in with each meal and if I need to have a snack I make sure it includes a fruit or veggie too. I fully support the idea of eating as great a variety of fruits and vegetables as I can, which will become lots of fun in the summer, but isn't too bad right now either — I think our bodies benefit from a naturally complete selection of nutrients. 

In my house right now there are nineteen different varieties of fruits and vegetables and that's just the standard fare. Keeping myself interested through variety really works too.

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I'll post some more of my recent diet changes and additions tomorrow.

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