Thursday, March 10, 2011

lavender hyacinth

lavender hyacinth 001

Hyacinth sorta makes the world go round, doesn't it? Yesterday I received such a warming show of support from friends and readers, so thank you for that. I love writing this blog so I am glad you enjoy reading it. For now I have decided to cut back a little to 'summertime' hours. I'll be posting a few days a week (as I have been lately) rather than every weekday. Partially I would like to have more free time, but also because I sometimes feel like I am losing sight and memory of my posts. I have posted over 450 times on this blog alone (not to mention my work on Persuasion) and I feel like all these little snippets of my life are floating around in some world wide web ocean and some thoughts keep sinking further and further away. I have always been so proud of every post I make and in order for that to continue to happen I need to cut back a little and really focus on each and every word and picture.

lavender hyacinth 002

lavender hyacinth 003

lavender hyacinth 004

lavender hyacinth 005

lavender hyacinth 006


lotte janssens said...

You have a nice blog, and I always love to come back. This pictures are so great, I can almost smell the hyacinth !

Mary Hudson said...

Oh thank you Lotte -- I feel the same about yours.