Wednesday, March 30, 2011

just waking up to sleeping cats and dead flowers

yellow tulips daffodils 001

yellow tulips daffodils 002

yellow tulips daffodils 003

{tulips and daffodils I had filled the house with last week for my mom's brief visit}

Good morning. I slept in a little today, seeing as how it's my day off. Poor Joseph was kept up all night by the cats (or rather the one horrible, evil, white kitten) running around. The cats and I are still trying to calm down — I can't imagine Joseph is fairing very well working out in the rain. Here at home we're listening to Carol King and baking croissants. I have something else that came in the mail to show you, perhaps I will do that tomorrow. 

ruby grey tabby cat 001

mingus white siamese cat 001

dead yellow tulips flowers 001

dead yellow tulips flowers 002

dead yellow tulips flowers 003

dead yellow tulips flowers 004


elizabeth said...

Awww, Ruby looks like Cleo in that photo. So cute. said...

you effing baked croissants? gross.

Mary Hudson said...

Thanks Elizabeth, I wish they could be friends.
And I baked croissants little missy - I didn't make them. I buy them frozen from the co-op by my house. Still - they are so good out of the oven...yummm!