Monday, March 07, 2011

chocolate guinness birthday cake

chocolate guinness cake 006

Chocolate Guinness Cake. Seriously. 
Every year for his birthday my boyfriend's mom would make him an apple pie with a cheddar cheese crust. I continued this tradition for a couple years, but this year I wanted to challenge myself and do something different. Enter Guinness chocolate cake, which had been circulating the blogs lately and finally after seeing it in the autumn on What Katie Ate (I know it's as though I don't read any other food blogs) I had to make it. It just looked so dark and rich and simple, and I could imagine actually tasting the flavours, not just sugar. That's exactly how this cake turned out -- ridiculously rich, without being too dense, a subtle hint of Guinness flavour, I love this cake. 
I followed the theme set out to imitate the creamy foam on top of a tall glass of stout by piling on a thick cream cheese frosting. In the future I think I would choose something a little different even though I liked that the cream cheese kept the sweetness down by adding a tart surprise, it's just such a strong flavour I felt it competed too much with the cake. 
This is my new favorite chocolate cake -- I would make it over standard chocolate cake any day. Plus you then have three and a half cans of Guinness leftover.

(p.s. I pretty much followed this recipe because I was too lazy to weigh the ingredients. I also used yoghurt as in this recipe, and I used 3 eggs, not 2)

chocolate guinness cake 001

chocolate guinness cake 002

chocolate guinness cake 003

chocolate guinness cake 004

chocolate guinness cake 005

chocolate guinness cake 007

chocolate guinness cake 008

chocolate guinness cake 009

chocolate guinness cake 010


Lotte Janssens said...

that cake looks just wonderful!It must taste like heaven !

Matryoshka said...

mmmmmmmmm you're the best girlfriend ever mary!

Mary Hudson said...

Thank you both very much. I wish we were all closer so I could share it with both of you!

claire said...

Gasp! What a pretty cake...looks delish too! :)

elizabethfrances said...

We must be related; I've been thinking about this cake for a few months. xo

elizabeth said...

This looks really good to me right now (cake + good, weird right?) I wanna make it with a caramel whiskey sauce on top.


Goodness Gracious!!!!!! DELICIOUSNESS!!!!!