Wednesday, March 02, 2011

a birthday rainbow

vancouver stormy rainbow

The weather today is so mysterious. There are warnings of winds traveling up to 140km/hr and ferries to and from Vancouver Island have been canceled. Right now out my window there are dark menacing clouds, but the sun is shining bright from somewhere and for a total of four minutes there was a stunning rainbow stretching from the downtown east-side to the Burrard Inlet. There are still crows flying around -- so surely nothing too bad will happen until they dive for cover, but it is an eerie feeling.

Today is my boyfriend Joseph's birthday (and Dr. Suess'!) so I have lots of running around, cooking, baking, cleaning, and wrapping to get done in the next seven hours before he gets home. He's turning 25, which could be considered a big deal if you put any stock into that sort of thing. My wisdom teeth removal went fine on Monday -- my only hope now is that I will be able to chew some of the feast I will be preparing for tonight.

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