Friday, March 04, 2011

apple, turkey, and pistachio sausage rolls

apple turkey sausage rolls 001

The sausage rolls that I had mentioned earlier, from What Katie Ate
The original recipe calls for ground pork, which I will agree would be a much stronger flavour, but I could not find any good (i.e. responsible, un-medicated, organic) ground pork in my neighbourhood, so I used ground turkey, which turned out just fine. I also used Dijon mustard, not wholegrain because again that's what I had. The only other problem for me was that I didn't have enough puff-pastry to use all the filling up (I just hadn't bought enough) but I froze the filling immediately -- so hopefully I can make more soon??

apple turkey sausage rolls 002

I never knew making sausage rolls was so easy -- it was nice to try something I had never made before and actually have it turn out.

apple turkey sausage rolls 003

apple turkey sausage rolls 004



Oh MY GOD!!! so i just got into bed and now i'm starving!!! why are we not neighbors anymore????

Anonymous said...

i am going to try making these now. thanks! anything savoury you do makes me so hungry. jon wants the guinness cake though... yummm

Mary Hudson said...

Awesome! Make them both! But yes sausage rolls were like a revelation to me.