Thursday, February 17, 2011

zucchini cream cheese cookie sandwiches

zucchini cookie sandwiches 001

In the new issue of Martha, that I had mentioned before, there is a cookie recipe for zucchini cookie sandwiches with a cream cheese frosting centre. They looked so light and yummy in the photo I couldn't help but make them on my day off yesterday. But a word of warning: they don't flatten like they appear to in the magazine and there are no instructions to tell you to flatten them, so if I were to make them again I would make them much smaller. They are delicious, but it is basically the size and sugar content of a cupcake. Cookie sandwiches for breakfast!!

zucchini cookie sandwiches 002

I had to drop our kitten, Mingus off at the vet today to be neutered -- it was so sad. I walked there because it is less than a ten minute walk and for an indoor apartment cat the world was suddenly very big and very scary. By the time I reached the vet office Mingus had completely buried himself under the towel in his carrier. Poor babe. I'll show you funny cone head photos I promise. Ruby seems to have already adjusted to being a single lady cat again -- even if it is only for an afternoon. 

zucchini cookie sandwiches 003

zucchini cookie sandwiches 004

zucchini cookie sandwiches 005

zucchini cookie sandwiches 006


Rosalind said...

sooooo pretty, the photos and the cookies. looking forward to kitty photos. Anna just had all 4 of her kittens spayed/neutered. her plan was to put lace around the collars to make them look all victorian, but then they wound up being such good kitties they didn't get cones.

Mary Hudson said...

Yeah yeah, so Anna has perfect cats, big deal. Mingus will eat anything, so he wasn't about to let so cream stop him. Poor male kitties -- they get a lousy deal.
And thanks, the cookies are delicious!


Oh.... yummy cookies and poor poor Mingus. Opal is up the Tuesday for her neutering trip to the vet. I'm so sad for her.
Your cooking works of art look delicious!