Friday, February 18, 2011

vancouver's freshly fallen snow

fresh vancouver snow 001

Last night there was a snow storm in Vancouver. By snow storm I mean that it was lightly snowing but also there was thunder and lightning at the same time -- very strange. It's sunny now and all the snow in the city has melted away, but the mountains have a nice fresh dusting.

fresh vancouver snow 002

fresh vancouver snow 003

fresh vancouver snow 004

fresh vancouver snow 005

hyacinth bulbs

Joseph and I are getting ready to clean up the balcony, I can't wait. I also can't wait for the sun to start coming around a bit more on our north facing balcony because this hyacinth is just dying to get warm enough to bloom.

mingus white siamese 001

They didn't give Mingus a cone post surgery -- but they failed to predict his utter indifference to the so-called 'bad-tasting' ointment they put on his wounds. By this morning he had completely licked it off and had caused the wound to bleed. Joseph is jogging over to the vet as I type to pick up a cone -- so we will have funny cone photos in the end. (Although part of me thinks Mingus won't rest until he has wrestled the cone off of his neck.)

Have a nice weekend!

mingus white siamese 002

mingus white siamese 003


elizabeth said...

your kitten is beautiful.

Mary Hudson said...

thanks, he tries

Anonymous said...

get well little sweet pea

Pinecone Camp said...

Hey Mary, i love your blog. Great pics of the snowy mountains, and you cat is pretty sweet too. You and I seem to share the same love of our city!

Mary Hudson said...

Don't worry Genevieve, it really didn't slow him down at all.

Thanks Janis, your blog is a regular read for me, I love staying in touch with what other bloggers are doing in this fine city.