Monday, February 28, 2011

upset, angry, & confused little kitten

upset mingus cat 001

upset mingus cat 002

upset mingus cat 003

Sometimes cats do very funny things -- like get spooked for no reason and stay that way for over an hour. The other day Joseph accidentally stepped on Ruby's tail and she let out a squeak (don't worry she was fine, it was just a reflex noise). After that, Mingus who was nearby puffed up and hid from all of us. Usually if he gets spooked Ruby can calm him down pretty quickly, but this time he acted as though he didn't even know her. He was walking around sideways and on his toes, with his hair making him double in size, attacking and at the same time being terrified of Ruby, who seemed to enjoy the whole ordeal really. We couldn't help but laugh either.

upset mingus cat 004

upset mingus cat 005

After a while of madness we gave them both some catnip and eventually Mingus seemed to accept us again as his family. Err... the end.

I'm off today to get my wisdom teeth out -- fun, I know -- so I may be a little absent this week (or perhaps the complete opposite) but I hope you all have a lovely Monday, free of crazy cat drama.

upset mingus cat 006

upset mingus cat 007

upset mingus cat 008


elizabeth said...

Get well soon and eat lots of soup through a straw and prepare to be STONED. Remember Raymond at our wedding? Stoned.

Mary Hudson said...

Yes soup -- and gingerale. I am finally getting out of bed to get those things. I just have to get the cats off my lap. And also time for pain killers!

*e* said...

If I haven't said so already, I <3 MINGUS. Does he take appointments for play dates?

Mary Hudson said...

oh man, he would love it. Ruby never gives him the time of day. Sometimes when he's relaxed she'll come over and bathe him a little, but then she get tired and swat him.
Did I mention he purrs?