Thursday, February 24, 2011

thomas haas macarons

thomas haas macarons 001

I had a great day off yesterday traveling all the way to Kitsilano to take in a couple of my favorite places in Vancouver. My friend and I met up at Thomas Haas cafe for a cappuccino and a couple of delicious croissants (yum!) I had to get some macarons to go -- they just looked so irresistible. We then stopped in to Garlands Florist, my old workplace to see what was new and drool over the beautiful planters and displays. Last we had to spend a half hour at my favorite Vancouver shop, Stepback, to dream of a day when I could buy all their furniture and antique goodies. I used to go to Stepback every week on my lunch break just to look around and I was surprised yesterday when the owner recognized me, even with my hair almost three feet shorter and the fact that I haven't worked in the area in over a year and a half. I'll have to go back and visit again soon.

thomas haas macarons 002

thomas haas macarons 003

thomas haas macarons 004

thomas haas macarons 005

thomas haas macarons 006

thomas haas macarons 007

thomas haas macarons 008


elizabeth said...

You're making me want macarons so badly, especially with this latte I'm drinking!! Damn you. said...

i want the macaron!


Those look divine!
Is the green one pistachio?? I cant remember which one i liled more when you brought me some from the UK... They were all so dreamy.
Sounds like a perfect day...!

Jacqueline said...


Dress Me Dearly said...

Those look amazing.I want to play Marie Antoinette and enjoy a box of those to myself.

Mary Hudson said...

They are so hard to resist -- luckily I live on the opposite side of the city