Friday, February 11, 2011

learning to paint with watercolurs

painting watercolours botanical 001

I remember getting some minor instructions in the use of watercolour paints back in high school, but nothing really stuck with me. Now in my botanical illustration class I am learning it all from the beginning -- every painful brushstroke. I really do enjoy it, but it is incredibly challenging to get it right, not to mention the amount of time that I have to invest to simply complete some colour charts. I have only just begun my greens (and believe me they are not perfect) and yet my instructor expects us to begin painting our sketches next class. Not going to happen.

painting watercolours botanical 002

painting watercolours botanical 003

painting watercolours botanical 004

I was hoping the painting would help me sort of 'zen-out' but with no proper painting table, and so many other things I should be doing -- like enjoying the first sunny days -- it is hard to concentrate. At least I have some loose deadlines from this class (not that I care much about meeting them -- yay continuing education!) otherwise I know I would never take the time to paint.

painting watercolours botanical 005

painting watercolours botanical 006

oops! How did this get in here?
painting watercolours botanical 007


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i applaud continuing education, and painting flowers. Very lovely